Grandpas, Gardening and Tomatoes

Grandpa always said in gardening, a crop grown in the same field year after year wouldn’t yield successful crops. We too believe a soil change is good. And, metaphorically, that’s what we have been up to for the last few years.

Here’s grandpa in 1926 at age 6 picking cucumbers with his wagon. Farming, growing things and family have been a staple in our lives from the beginning.

The last six years have been the best and most consuming journey of our lives. The crazy-good support we have had from the community, our customers, friends and family is overwhelming. The time has come for our soil to be churned up a bit. True to our roots all along, anyone who really knows us, also knows we have wanted a farm for a long time. And we bought one in September.

Since our humble beginning 2012 on Jefferson Street, we have grown unbelievably fast thanks to our loyal friends and customers. When we began this journey, our goal was to simplify our life and slow down our crazy world filled with two full time jobs, chaotic sports schedules and lots of corporate travel. Our kids were just beginning middle school and life seemed to be speeding up, even as we were trying to slow it down.

What’s most important to us is to continue to be a small part of each person’s story where they are in their journey. We also want to testify that God is most definitely using us as a way to serve others. So our sweet little version of a farm began planting roots in mid October moving our family, with a vision of planting our pumpkins, and seeding our flowers and living a bit off-the-grid.

Keep up with us here to share in our ever-evolving story. This has been a dream come true thanks to all of the love and support of our monkey followers, friends and family.

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