Cheers to 2021

2020 reminded me of a bad movie. You know, the ones where an entire city was isolate, no daily hustle and bustle and feeling a bit like we are all on house arrest without even incurring a legal infraction. It’s been a year of learning, priority-setting, fear, uncertainty, grief and letting go. Letting go of what we knew was our normal. With this has had a few hidden gifts that often times were overshadowed by a myriad of emotions simultaneously hitting at once.

Work from home, click lists, remote learning and rethinking livelihood bring new perspectives and insights and a few small wins. T.V. is rarely on anymore in our house. We are trying to have more face-to-face conversations. Enabling the kiddos to actually talk, not text or hide behind a screen filled with varying degrees of information, truth, images. They have been feeling isolated, uncertain, unsteady and wondering when the gravity of 2020 will be over.

On the business front, we have dreamed up so many alternate business plans; many of which would be great to launch. But we are pausing, taking in all of the variables and trying to focus on what’s important. That’s so hard as an entrepreneur because we want to just keep going at full throttle. Our kids, the family and our health remain front and center as we sort out our purpose and what to do next.

The pause with working from home has been a blessing (because I get to work with my dogs and kids by my side). It’s also been a bit of a curse because the beginning and the end of a workday seem to blur between wondering what day of the week it actually is; sometimes what time it is. We have had plenty of time to get in our own heads about our life, our work and our purpose; as have I. It’s hard people. And I feel it too.

As the clock hit midnight on December 31st, I think we all, in our altered states of reality thought the fairy god mother was going to wave her wand with pixie dust and 2021 would usher in some new chakra. Well…. here we are and the 7-day trial isn’t feeling like a great start to the new year.

We’ve been busy reimagining our existence and how we can stay relevant. Motivation feels a little slow on the uptick as we all try to weather the next few months to a hopeful new year. Bear with us as we navigate our new norm.

We think of you all often, miss our in-store chats and hearing about your families. We miss the friendships and are keeping everyone on our hearts, and we pray that everyone stays healthy and happy. Our messenger is always on. Drop a line and say hello, we’d love to hear from you ❤

Cheers to a hopeful 2021.


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