Farm Life


We recently moved to our farm, named Journey's End. We plan to be making our new-to-us farmhouse our very own version of "home". Moving in can take a while, it's not a 30 minute reality show. We invite you to tune in here to see how we transform our home inside and out. We can't wait to share room-by-room our journey.

Brandon and I have fond memories from our childhood that have shaped our journey to where we are now. Certainly years ago, we never would have imagined a monkey business. Somehow along the way we have become old house lovers, historic building restorers, real ­­estate gurus and resident monkey business owners. In November, 2018, we added farm owners to our list.

For six years we have been moving at warp speed as our business has been growing rapidly, causing us to pause and realize we have been overlooking the simple pleasures and things that shaped us; but also the things we want our kids, Blaise and Olivia, to experience.

This amazing journey of small business has come with its share of big sacrifices. Looking back Brandon and I have contemplated a simpler time in our lives where we had more time to spend with the family and enjoy, well, doing less. In fact, we often reflect on the few times we were able to accompany grandpa together to Aitkin, Minnesota. He had a summer cottage there that had been in the family for over three generations.  It was always grandpa’s plan to keep in the family, but sadly it was sold years ago.

When Brandon and I had the chance to go with grandpa, the drive wasn’t for the faint of heart. We would make the long 15 hour haul to the back, dirt roads of northern Minnesota. The car rides were rich with life lessons and discussions about things that didn’t cost a dime. There were strategic stops at hole-in-the-wall diners that served up the best pie you would ever eat. And, the cellular service was touch-and-go at best.

To get there, we would pass through the smallest little town of Aitkin with the world’s best bakery and a nostalgic A&W root beer stand.  After stocking up on fresh-made bread and donuts for the week, we would make our way to the cottage. Just out of town, we would merge to a dirt road and along winding countryside where wild rice patties grew and farms lined the roads. As the dust cloud settled when we rounded the final bend, grandpa would get out of the car and walk up to the gate that kept the cottage safe when we were away. Above it for years was a sign my great grandparents painted that read “Journey’s End.” And just about that time he got out of the car, gramps would say “Well, we’ve reached the Journey’s End” metaphorically and literally after that drive, it was a welcome sight. Some called it a shanty, we loved the quiet of no internet connection, cell service or even TV reception. Simple.


Our sweet little version of a farm will be busy planting roots while we enjoy country life, just enough off the beaten path to hear ourselves think. Come along with us on our journey as we plant new roots, make new friends and leave this place a little better than we found it. Welcome to our little version of Journey's End, Martinsville, Indiana.

Brandon, Nicole, Blaise & Olivia