Breakfast Casserole (Cheating with Stove Top Stuffing)


Prep time 30 min.




1 box Stove Top Stuffing

2 tablespoons butter to butter the pan

1 lb of breakfast sausage (But you can use any toppings; onion, veggies, ham, bacon, etc.)

6-8 Eggs mixed with milk (as if you are making scrambled eggs)

1 package of shredded cheddar/cheddar jack cheese



1. In a 9x13 pan, butter the inside of the pan

2. Empty contents of Stove Top Stuffing to line the bottom of the pan evenly

3. Whisk eggs and milk together

4. Pour egg mixture over stuffing

5. Top with sausage (and/or other toppings of choice)

6. Sprinkle top with the package of cheese

7. A trick to keep the cheese from burning on the top is to dab small bits of butter on the top

8. Place in oven at 375 for 30-45 minutes or until the casserole fluffs up and eggs are done in the middle (you can check with a toothpick in the center)


* I have also used this same method to make mini casserole bites in muffin tins. The cook time is much less, but you will know when they fluff up like muffins in the tin. I also recommend buttering the tin before adding contents or use cupcake liners.

* You can also substitute bread cubed in place of the Stove Top. Just be sure to season it a bit with salt, pepper, and some savory spices like sage, rosemary.

*You can prep this the night before, refrigerate until morning. Heat to the instructions and it will be just as delicious!

The kids LOVE this one! Enjoy!



Cheesy Ranch Chicken Pasta

Prep time 30 min.



1 box pasta (I prefer penne or spirals)

1 packet of powder ranch dressing/dip mix

1 8oz cube of cream cheese

4 tablespoons butter plus a little more to butter the pan

1 package of mushrooms (optional)

2 cups of broccoli (optional)- asparagus, or canned peas work too

Onion to taste (optional)

1 package of shredded cheddar/cheddar jack cheese

1 small can of chicken broth (vegetable broth, beef broth or bouillon will work as alternative)

1 cup shredded carrots (optional) - you can also substitute a can of carrots drained

Chicken (I use either two large cans of chicken, a whole, pre-cooked roasted chicken from he grocery or 2-3 large chicken breasts.)



1. Bring about 4 quarts of water to a boil.

2. Drop pasta in water and cook until cooked through.

**If you are starting with raw chicken breasts, put two tablespoons of olive oil/cooking oil or butter in the pan, salt + pepper and heat until cooked through. Then you can add the veggies to the pan and cook per the instructions below.**

3. While pasta is cooking, on medium heat, put butter and broth in pan with carrots, broccoli, onion. Cook until veggies are cooked through. I start with onion and allow it to cook in the broth with butter, add the carrots and mushrooms until they are cooked through and then last add the broccoli so it doesn't get soggy.

4. Once the veggies are cooked through, Add the chicken (if pre-cooked or in the can) lower the heat and mix in the cube of cream cheese and ranch powder with a whisk. Once mixed, keep on warm setting until pasta is done.

5. Drain pasta, mix sauce mixture in with pasta. You can either add the cheese into the mixture and serve out of the pan, or take half of the cheese, mix it into the pasta,  butter the pan, place in a 9x13 pan, top with cheese and bake until cheese is melted on top. 350 degrees.

This dish reheats well. You can double the recipe, use alternative meat such as sausage or even add bacon. I have added sun dried tomatoes and it is really versatile to your taste.